07/25/2017 Industry


 at Chennai Trade Centre, Nandambakkam. With this year’s edition of ‘IITM’ in Bangalore, Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions completes Eighteen years of providing the travel industry and discerning buyers from the travel – trade and corporate sector an opportunity to do business. With organizations and tourism boards from over 20 Indian states, ‘India International Travel Mart’ will showcase a variety of destinations from different spheres such as pilgrimages, adventures, culture & heritage, beaches, hills and many more. The event will have over 150 participants from over 5 countries and over 20 Indian states. The participants include Travel agents & Tour Operators, DMC, Hotels & Resorts, National Tourist Organizations, Cruises, Airlines, Online Travel Portals etc. Some of the International participants who are participating this year includes participants from Ajman, Dubai, Nepal, United Kingdom, etc Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Sanjay Hakhu, Director, Sphere TravelMedia said, “India in spite of the present business environment is fast emerging as one of the most interesting and productive countries for the travel trade industry both for leisure and business travel. A combination of factors is responsible for the growth and demand of travel trends from India. The visitor profile is on a B2B & B2C format like and will have over 15,000 buyers over three days”. Tourism Studies and Trends indicate that the year 2017 – 18 will see more than 20million Indian tourists embanking on overseas travel and with the advent of low cost international airfares, holiday packages that are available on monthly instalments payable over a period of time, International Travel is no longer a

luxury. Highlights:

 Big representation from different travel and tourism products of Tamil Nadu  From India Gujarat& Keralaare the ‘Partner States’ while Karnataka & Rajasthan will be the ‘Feature Destinations’ at the event.  Tamil Nadu is the Host State for the event. Other states being represented include Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Delhi, Goa, Himachal Pradesh and many more. More than 100 hotels and resorts are participating from all over India, making it one of the most diverse range of hospitality products in the country on display.  Diverse Tourism segments on display such as Pilgrimage Travel, Adventure, Cultural pursuits, shopping tours, etc.  Rail and International Holiday Packages from IRCTC The 'India International Travel Mart' provides an ideal 'marketing opportunity' and 'excellent backdrop' to enhance the participant's 'brand-equity' in the eyes of the discerning end consumer and the travel-trade.

 Boost for Domestic Tourism:

The event showcases virtually travel and hospitality products from every part of the country, making it one of the biggest congregation of travel-trade in the country. The event provides unmatched networking opportunities to interact with Travel-trade and corporate buyers alike. Mr. Rohit Hangal, Director, Sphere Travelmedia added “domestic travel as the “backbone” of India’s tourism portfolio and with an estimated 561 million domestic tourist visits, this segment is probably the only second to China in terms of sheer size. With the rapid economic development taking place in the country and availability of greater disposable income combined with affordable holiday packages, tourism in India is increasing steadily and acts as a catalyst for the furthering the economic growth in view of its wide-ranging linkage effects and multiple impacts. The participants from the states of Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Himachal Pradesh, and many more destinations will be seen aggressively marketing their products will be there with their travel and tourism stakeholders”. The event showcases more than 150 destinations from over 25 Indian states. About ‘Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions’: Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions Pvt. Ltd.,’ is India's leading Travelmedia companies with established brands for the Indian travel and tourism industry such as ‘India International Travel Mart’ – India's premier Travel and Tourism Exhibition and ‘Outbound Travel Roadshow’ – India's only Multi – Destination Buyer – Seller Meet & ‘Business Travel & Meetings Expo’ – The Corporate Travel, Incentive and Conference Exhibition’.

 About India International Travel Mart:

IITM - India's premier Exhibition that showcases of travel, tourism, hospitality, leisure and other related industries. It is aimed at bringing the Industry, face- to-face with the travel trade, Corporate Buyer and the end-customer with the requisite purchasing power. ‘India International Travel Mart’, India’s premier travel and tourism Exhibition brand established in 1998 by ‘Sphere Travelmedia & Exhibitions’is held at the country’s major markets of Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Cochin, and now in Kolkata.